What is it?

VMPS (VLAN Management Policy Server) is a way of assigning switch ports to specific VLANs based on MAC address of connecting device. OpenVMPS is a GPL implementation of VMPS. More about VMPS you can read on

Because it was developed based solely on infomation obtained by looking at packets between VMPS and client, it is very likely not complete, it might also be wrong.

It of course comes with no warranty whatsoever :)


It is stable. We run it without problems for more than two years now (aug 2003) and till now the network has grown to ~40 switches and ~700 hosts (actually ~800, but some 120 clients are still in todo list for dynamic vlans). I have also other success reports but no numbers.

Where can I get it?

Current release is always available at SF.

Update March, 2007: OpenVMPS is also part of FreeNAC Logo